ETE for Learning: Foreign Languages

Learning foreign languages has long been an integral part of our life. Foreign language is not only compulsory subject at school or the need for career improvement but also self-development and desire to explore the culture of other nation. But learning foreign language is rather difficult and long process. But Exam Testing Engine solves even so challenging puzzles.


The proven fact says that testing is one of the best ways to learn languages. We learn a lot from our mistakes, that’s why we often remember exactly the question those answer was incorrect during the testing process.

Testing is not the discovery of America, this method is used constantly, but the problem is that it's hard to find a test that targets EXACTLY what a learner needs at a particular stage. But Vumingo found the solution of this problem: language learners and their tutors can create flexible interactive tests which will satisfy all peculiar features of particular language level – stage – in terms of the vocabulary, the grammar and the overall approach. Tutors can create unique tests with wide range of questions: from boring multiple choice questions to vivid questions with pictures. Language learners can also make their own tests to ease their learning process.

The ETE Software gives the option of saving the current testing session and coming back to it later. You can also review the testing history, go back to the questions that hadn't been answered correctly and more. One more good news: ETE supports all non-English characters, so it can be easily used by language learners whose native language is other than English/Latin based.

ETE Software is a tool that works for everyone: from schoolchildren to pensioners.