ETE for Learning: Middle and High School

To be a Middle or High School student is a difficult task: a ton of information, all kinds of tests, performance appraisal, electives…In these cases, parents strive to find the best ways to help their children learn and understand the academic concepts better, as well as relieve stress from tests in high school, while maintaining excellent performance. Now students and their parents can breathe easily, Vumingo came up with it. Exam Testing Engine has the answer to these needs.


Testing is a widespread asset for verifying students’ knowledge. But it is used not only for checking individual’s skills, testing is a valid approach to actually help students learn. Testing develops a long-term memory, after all, trying to answer a question, possibly failing and then remembering the correct answer, is an effective way to learn things.

Tests have existed for a long time, but they called flashcards, tutors and educators used such an approach to memorize foreign words, historic dates, chemistry formulas. Today, flashcards are replaced with interactive computer-based tests. But the problem is that it's hard to find a test that targets EXACTLY what a learner needs at a particular stage. Here ETE comes to the rescue. This Software allows to create flexible interactive tests for every student, for every learning stage, for every knowledge level.

ETE offers:
ETE allows:

Students and tutors can create and play interactive exams – either on their desktop or mobile device. ETE tests are convenient and dynamic, so kids and teens do not get bored.

ETE Software is an inestimable tool to the standard practice of exams in high school, PSAT, SAT or similar – it enables students to learn new, practice received knowledge and gain the confidence they need to complete their successful work in school.