ETE for Mobile: Preparation on the GO


Are you a busy person? Business trips are an integral part of your life, aren’t they? Or maybe you haven’t enough time to prepare for your exam well at home or at work? Exam Testing Engine for Mobile found the best solution to solve this problem.

Nowadays almost every person has mobile phone. Our smartphones are always at hand. And we thought, why should you waste your time while you are on the road? ETE for Mobile is the response for on-the-go productivity. If your smartphone is based on today’s most popular platform, then you have all you need to get started. Exam Testing Engine is a simple way for self-preparation anywhere and anytime. Even your busy schedule is not an obstacle now! But if suddenly urgent business calls while you are testing your knowledge, you can simply save your exam session and resume it later.

ETE for Mobile is like your personal guru in exam preparation process. It can not only show you correct answers and give explanations, but also can test you on only the questions that you have repeatedly answered incorrectly. ETE supports all non-English characters, so it can be easily used by professionals and students whose native language is other than English/Latin based.

ETE for Mobile is irreplaceable asset for those who appreciate their time and want to get efficient preparation for their exam.

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