ETE for HR: Performance Appraisal

Advantages of ETE Software:

Annual performance appraisal is exactly what most employees and HR managers would like to exclude from their working process. But these hated performance reviews help to ensure objectivity in evaluation of employees' skills. To simplify this dreadful process, ETE Software offers a computer-based interactive testing as a major component of the regular performance reviews. HR manager creates a unique test which can be adapted to a specific position, particular employee, a team, or access level – to fully meet the organization's needs.

To test the candidate’s knowledge and skills, ETE Designer gives an opportunity to develop multiple choice questions, drag and drop questions, hotspots, fill in the blank questions, build list and reorder and create a tree questions. ETE Software allows embedding images in the exam questions and answers. So, basically, all you need is this Software and a list of typed up questions.

It’s important, ETE Software saves testing session and resumes it later. You can also review the testing history. ETE supports all non-English characters, so it can be easily used by individuals whose native language is other than English/Latin based. Exam Testing Engine is available for Windows, Mac OS, as well as Android and iOS phones and tablets.