ETE for Learning: School Exams

Exams are always stressful and worrying process for any person. During the whole life we take quite a number of exams, they differ only in subjects, approaches and types of questions. But we always strive to find effective way of exam preparation which will help both to pass the exam and keep some important facts and details in memory. It turns out that there is such a way! ETE Software is a proven invaluable exam preparation and practice tool to help candidates pass any exam.

ETE is the most popular tool for creating, opening and practicing tests and exams online. Students can turn their plain-text format list of exam preparation materials into interactive test with images and different types of questions. Forget about boring and long text file with dozens of questions, now you can create even a quiz if it will help you to memorize figures, formulas and other detailed information. You can make mistakes but then improve your answer because ETE tests let you return to the questions you got wrong.

What is ETE? ETE is:

ETE is a perfect asset to make the memorization process more dynamic and effective. This becomes especially useful when the learner needs to cover a large amount of information, including small details, dates, formulas, etc. Moreover, ETE tests have a great interface, it is an integral part of preparation process for students with predominantly visual memory, who have trouble memorizing from reading.

This approach is widely used by students preparing for midterms and end-of-year exams, as well as standardized tests like TOELF, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. The mobile version of Vumingo for iOS and Android will enable students to practice their tests anywhere and anytime.