ETE for Learning: College Exams

College exams are no joke – they are very challenging and stressful. Even smart and well-prepared students don’t have 100% guarantee they pass their exams. The exam preparation process requires lots of studying, endless hours of reading and a huge array of information to remember and analyze. Some college students think that it is impossible to take their exams. But Exam Testing Engine helps even desperate students.

ETE Software is used to create, open and practice tests and exams. Students have a great opportunity to create their own tests or convert current text file into ETE format; practice their skills; review the testing history; stop the current session, save it and then resume it later; go back to the questions that hadn't been answered correctly and more. Moreover, ETE supports all non-English characters, so it can be easily used by students whose native language is other than English/Latin based.


The secret of ETE Software success is unique learning approach. With ETE Software, any PDF or a text file with dozens of questions too boring to get through can be turned into an interactive practice exam. ETE supports a wide range of question types, allowing for maximum flexibility of an interactive practice test: multiple choice questions, drag drops, hotspots, fill in the blank questions, create a tree of questions, build list and reorder, drop and connect questions. The convenience and versatility of ETE files let also have images embedded in questions or answers, which means that the Software can accommodate the exams for designers, engineers, and others whose exams include images.

ETE is also used for 'braindumps' - files that include questions from real exams. Practicing with real exam questions increases your chances of getting a great score on the exam.