ETE for Learning: College

Entering the college is one of the most important moments in life of every student. Of course, it is very exciting and great happing but at the same time it is rather challenging and stressful. Students move to a new level, naturally, switching curriculums and learning approaches may be hard for many freshmen. Indeed, is there no tool which could help students to adapt to new conditions? Vumingo took care of freshmen and released Exam Testing Engine which turns even the most stressful test into interactive quiz.

Consider ETE closer:
  1. With ETE Software, any text file with dozens of boring questions can be replaced by different types of questions even with images.
  2. With ETE Software, any list of questions can be turned into a wide range of question types: multiple choice questions, fill in the blank questions, drag drops, hotspots, create a tree of questions, build list and reorder, drop and connect questions.
  3. With ETE Software, you can create your own exam test and practice your knowledge and skills. Moreover, you can go back to the questions you got wrong.
  4. With ETE Software, you can save the current session and resume it later. You can also review the testing history.
  5. With ETE Software for Mobile, every student is able to pass tests even if he/she is on the road.

College courses are good preparation foundation for students but they have a couple of disadvantages: complexity and the large amount of information they cover. Moreover, some students may find their level of knowledge insufficient for keeping up with a course. Vumingo solves all problems: it helps college students learn more in less time, practice anywhere and anytime, practice for final exams, and maximize their learning potential. This learning tool is too good to be true, isn’t it?