ETE for Learning: Medical School

To become a doctor is a noble and courageous step. People who want to save the lives of others deserve respect. But no one except the students of medical school knows how much effort it takes to become a Doctor. Going through medical school is most certainly tough and stressful. Students are under pressure every day – they have to learn and memorize a ton of information and pass severe exams. But are their days so grave? No, they aren’t, if Exam Testing Engine tackles the problem.

ETE Software has excellent reputation for its versatility, convenience and reliability, making it popular with customers all over the world. ETE allows users to turn questions from various file formats, including txt, rtf, PDF into an interactive exam ETE Software allows embedding images in questions or answers, making it perfect for medical students.


ETE accommodates a number question types used in med schools, including multiple choice questions, fill in the blank questions, drag drops, hotspots, point and shoot questions (picking a point on the image), create a tree of questions, build list and reorder, drop and connect questions.

With Exam Testing Engine, students are able to save current testing session (unfinished exam), and resume it later. It is also possible to review a testing history and go back to the questions that hadn't been answered correctly (as you review the questions you had given wrong answers to, your brain automatically memorizes the correct answer). One more good news: ETE Software supports all non-English characters, so it can be easily used by non-English speaking students for exams in their native language.

ETE Software is available for PC, Mac OS, as well as iOS and Android devices, it means that you can practice your exam both at home and on the go.